Family Interventions

That “an addict has to hit their bottom” is a common misunderstanding. True, that an addicted individual often becomes motivated to make changes through discomfort. But, that a family has to sit idly by and wait for their loved one to nearly succeed at self-destruction is unnecessary and dangerous. If family members have reached their “bottom”, so to speak, they can begin to take action toward healthier lives for themselves that invites or motivates their addicted loved one to move toward their own recovery.

I’ve recently trained in a newer intervention model, which is not quite as you’ve “seen on TV”. Primarily it differs in that it:

      • Is non-secretive and non-coercive.
      • Invites the person of concern to all the family meetings from the beginning.
      • Emphasizes family change and healing in addition to treatment for the individual.
      • Supports the family for six months or more.

I come to you for interventions, at a place that is convenient to you and the recovery support network of family and friends that you will assemble on behalf of your loved one. Follow-up continuing care meetings can be attended in person or via video or conference call. If we are very far from each other, say more than 150 miles, I may suggest another interventionist closer to you.

It all begins with a phone call or email exchange. If we connect first by email, the aim will be primarily to get answers to some basic questions that we each may have and to set up a time to talk on the telephone. Allow for at least an hour for that first call, as we will be accomplishing much of the groundwork and developing a plan for the intervention at the time.

You may reach out to me by calling the number at the top or bottom right of the screen. (Please leave a message, as I am frequently unable to answer.) Or you may email me at the address shown in the same places. Both voice and email are only accessible to me, so are confidential. I will return your call or email as quickly as I am able or within one of the windows of time that you may suggest.

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