Couples & Family Counseling

…especially around issues created by the addictive illness in one or more members. Even when an addicted individual agrees to engage in treatment, if the family and its members do not work on their own paths toward recovery, the patient returning from treatment will most likely suffer a relapse back into their addictive behavior. Unfortunately, there is not an easy to follow “how to” for family change. The work of healing and changing maladaptive coping skills requires intentional effort and direction.

Individual Counseling

Addicted individuals, spouses, parents, siblings, and children – All are wounded by the disease of addiction and many need help to heal. Addictions and Codependency, absolutely, but also Anxiety, Depression, Grief, and Trauma, with or without the presence of an addictive illness, are my specialties.

Counseling Locations:

I meet counseling clients in office space at:

Shelby Psychological Services
45 W Washington St.
Shelbyville, IN 46226


Progress House’s Next Step
2456 N Bolton Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46218

Or, I can come to you – home or office – if that would be helpful and can be arranged within my schedule. Call and we’ll talk about what might work best for you.  And, NOW AVAILABLE: Counseling via Secure Online Video!

Call for free consultation: (317) 572-8204